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Corporate Profile

Ever since businesses and customers began using the internet as their primary means of conducting transactions, the effectiveness of traditional methods which connect buyer and seller has been eroding.

WebMarketingWizards was formed by experts who have over 50 years collective experience in growing online business. Not theory. Reality.

The use of online tools, strategies, applications and technologies will continue to grow as the main channel to conduct business. Our entire line of products and professional services is aligned to deliver one result – connecting local business to local customers.

We are not an SEO company. This has become a commodity service with a host of companies in varying degrees of quality and ethics that attempt to find ways to drive your web site rankings high in search results. Odd that Google, the gorrila in online search, does not endorse tactics which falsely manipulate their user’s search rankings. They simply want the best LOCAL results for the best LOCAL businesses to show up for the LOCAL customer.

But this is not just about Google. Online customers today participate in massive community sites that engage in high value endorsement of products all within a close circle of their trusted members – all completely outside of Google and directory search. Call it social media for now – but this dynamic is not about to change or slow down. Rather this is the new norm. It must be embraced.

It can be embraced and can be used to exponentially grow your business, hold off your competitors and create a trusted bond to your customer.

Did we mention this is available at a fraction of the price of traditional advertising and marketing methods?

We invite you to review our products and services. We invite you to connect with your LOCAL customers.