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Why Mobile Coupons Work to Bring in Local Traffic

Have you ever thought about offering your customers mobile coupons to keep them coming back to spend money with you? Mobile coupons really aren’t any different than the coupons we are all used to getting in newspapers, magazines, or circulars. The only real difference is that they are provided through mobile phone text messages. Mobile […]


Why Email Marketing is Crucial for Repeat Sales

Every business owner knows the difficulty of marketing and the expenses that come along with acquiring new customers. If you have the money to put into it, getting new customers becomes easy after a while. But most businesses struggle when it comes to “keeping their customers coming back and getting repeat sales.” Getting repeat customers […]


Video Marketing Could be the Missing Ingredient to More Sales

Experienced internet marketers do not need anyone to tell them that video marketing is one of the new, exciting strategies to gain popularity in the digital marketing world. Most internet marketing gurus have already benefited widely from the effectiveness of video marketing and more and more business owners, both big and small, are starting to […]


Using Social Media to Generate Buzz About Your Local Business

Starting a business undoubtedly takes a lot of time and a lot of money in most cases. But it’s what you with that time and money that makes or breaks your success. Businesses today need to actively sensitize people about their businesses to stay afloat and social media is one important tool in that process. […]


Understanding the Power of Mobile Websites

It is unfortunate that most local businesses are missing a lot by ignoring (or not knowing) how mobile-friendly websites can generate more sales and profits. Most business owners are not aware of the problem that their customers and potential customers are going through when trying to access their websites using a mobile device. Most people […]


Key Points for More Local Online Visibility

Due to the massive number of businesses fighting to capture the attention of consumers online, gaining online exposure is getting tougher every day. This means in order to get more eyes on their companies, small business owners today must focus on developing strategies that will put them right in front of their target audience. One […]


Importance of Monitoring All of Your Local Listing Customer Reviews

Online customer reviews are crucial when it comes to getting attention from local consumers. Business owners should monitor these reviews to get a broad idea about what people think of their products and services. Posting positive comments about a business takes as much effort as posting negative comments. However, when people are angry, they tend […]


How to Choose the Right Internet Marketing Service for Your Business

Internet marketing is a great tool that local business owners can utilize to draw more local attention to their businesses. However, doing so takes a lot of time, skills, and knowledge that most business owners don’t have because they’re so busy actually running their businesses. You have probably realized that to succeed in this digital […]


How Text Message Marketing Can Boost Sales

Mobile technology is moving at an extremely fast pace and the world has embraced the use of text messaging in all aspects of life; including marketing. Local businesses are slowly adapting to the use of mobile phones as a new and innovative way to market to their target audience. If you are in an industry […]


WordPress and Social Media

With the explosion of social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, small companies might be wondering if they even need a business website. Since social media sites offer many of the tools that a website offers, it may seem that social networking has now replaced the traditional business websites; but there are several […]