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Business Podcasting

Are You Tired of Paying for Expensive Newspaper Advertisements that Fail to Deliver Sales Results?

Did you once rely on the Yellow Pages of your local telephone directory to find new customers?

Would you like to see your advertising dollar enjoy a much longer shelf life?

What is Podcast Marketing?

Local customers are using the Internet daily to find products and services from businesses that they trust. Think about it for a moment.

If given the opportunity to speak face-to-face with these potential clients, you’d probably have an excellent chance of convincing them that you have what they need. Since you really know your product, your discussion with them would build confidence. They’d see you as an expert and eventually you’d develop enough trust in their minds that they’d put their money down. That’s the essence of effective sales.

Well, you can accomplish the same results with a podcast. First, customers learn about you and the product or services that you offer. Second, they hear your voice.

Podcasts make a connection to your listening audience. Moreover, podcasts show savvy Internet customers that you stay up-to-speed with technology, boosting your credibility with customers over your competition. Finally, you gain sales leads that boost your income.

Benefits of Podcast Marketing

Marketing your wares through podcasts is an easy task. Here are several of the pluses associated with this endeavor:

  • Permission-based opt-in – Since your listeners take your podcasts by giving you permission to contact them, you gain a powerful marketing advantage.
  • Podcasting is one of the most affordable marketing tools available. Every podcast goes out to a listener’s smart phone, tablet, laptop or PC with an automatic delivery that’s free.
  • Your message is more personal to a more targeted audience with podcasting, since your listeners opt in to hear it. Newspaper, radio and TV advertisements are more broad-based and not as targeted as podcasts.
  • Podcasts are viral in nature, since they are easy to share. If a podcast contains great, informative content, the listener will share it with family and friends, allowing it to move beyond your intended audience.
  • Podcast marketing lasts longer. Run a newspaper advertisement and it’s in tomorrow’s recycling bin. A radio ad is gone with the next song. The shelf life of most podcasts is two to three years. That’s 730 to 1,095 days of sales leads, generating customers and greater profits.
  • Podcasts help you stay better connected to your customer base. Improve your brand, build stronger customer relations, introduce new products or services and engage your clients with promotions for increased sales.
  • Regularly scheduled podcasts keep your website refreshing. An important aspect of website ranking in the eyes of search engines is continually new copy. Regularly added podcasts do just that. They also help social media pages and podcast directories, such as iTunes.

Getting Started with Podcasting

WebMarketingWizards knows small business podcasting, so we’ll do all of the heavy lifting to get your podcast efforts sailing fast. With our professional design and production, your customers will hear top-notch podcasts.

Does creating a podcast make you nervous? Don’t be. WebMarketingWizards podcast experts will coach the butterflies out of your stomach, making your podcast sound like a professional production. A skilled host takes you through each installment of your podcast, resulting in a polished and practiced sound.

All technical details, including integrating your podcast into the best social media sites and podcast directories, will be accomplished by WebMarketingWizards, which means you gain the maximum coverage. Furthermore, every podcast is optimized for attracting local customers.

To get started on podcast marketing today, call us for a free consultation at (604) 454-1387.

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